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Puerto Princesa Underground River

Located at about 70km north of the city, the Puerto Princesa Underground River features a limestone karst mountain landscape that inside spans a staggering 8.2km, making it widely known as the second-largest navigable underground river in the world and is also declared as one of the 7 Wonders of Nature and UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999.

Sabang Beach

At the North of Sabang's cluster of activities is the long stretch of the beautiful, wind-lashed Sabang Beach, a wide expanse of fine white sand lining the shore, ideal for swimming, snorkeling, and as picnic grounds for Park visitors.

Ugong Rock

Around 15km South of Sabang near Barangay Tagabinet, ascend to the top of the amazing caves of the 75 feet tall karst limestone formation, Ugong Rock, an ultimate destination for activities like caving and spelunking, or ziplining along the 800 meter view surrounding the countryside for a truly exhilarating adventure. "Ugong" stands for the gong-like sound that stalactites produce inside the cavernous structures when pounded by hand.

Bayuban Twin Sandbars

Experience paraw sailing and sunset watching in Babuyan Twin Sandbars. Surrounded by coral gardens and school of fish, these shifting white sandbars depending on the waves are good bases for snorkeling.

Olangoan Waterfalls

Just 3 hours away from the zest of a city proper, experience the wonder of nature through a 45 minute trekking, crossing streams, and a bit of bouldering up to this promising natural attraction. Enjoy the Olangoan Waterfall's cascading fresh water and delightful swimming hole with a modest 5m cliff jump.

Batak Visitor Center and Culture Village

Along the east coast of Puerto Princesa, Palawan awaits unique cultural experiences in the Batak Center and Cultural Village where travelers get a chance to engage with the members of the Batak Tribe and share, as well as experience their traditional music, dances, rituals, and lifestyle in their native community. 

Pandan Island Honda Bay

Home to a lot of Pandan Trees is of course, the private resort Pandan Island, a stunning oblong-shaped island and has a crystal-clear blue waters with the finest white sand in the area. Getting there though, requires an additional Php 1,000 entrance fee, which includes a buffet lunch, use of cottage, and activities like snorkeling and beach-volleyball. Other things to do on Pandan Island are scuba diving, stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking, and frisbee.

Cowrie Island Honda Bay

The less touristy Cowrie Island offers several island activities such as jet skiing and snorkeling, and has a few cabanas, bars, and restaurants.

Luli Island Honda Bay

The white sandbar Luli Island appears during low tide and disappears during high tide as its description, lulubog lilitaw, suggests.

Immaculate Conception Cathedral

Strategically located along Rizal Avenue of Puerto Princesa, is a silent refuge for one to contemplate and find solace at any time of the day, the Immaculate Conception Cathedral, a historical landmark where Puerto Princesa's first mass was held in 1872 where a Spanish expedition proclaimed the Immaculate Conception of Mary as the Patroness of Puerto Princesa.

Plaza Cuartel

Behind the Immaculate Conception Cathedral is just another National Historical Site in Puerto Princesa, the Plaza Cuartel, what remains of the structure of a World War II garrison that reflects a dark history where more than a hundred American prisoners of war were burned underground in 1994.

Crocodile Farm

Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center, formerly known as Crocodile Farm and Nature Park, is a wildlife reserve of concrete buildings and outdoor pens especially for breeding and housing Philippine Crocodiles, with a densely forested area, a home to some endangered animals in the Philippines.

Nagtabon Beach

A 25km drive from the city proper, quietly sitting is one of the most remarkable and unspoiled beaches of Palawan, Nagtabon Beach, an 800 meters long and 15 meters wide, with captivating panoramic views of mountains, an ideal destination considered to be more of a sanctuary than a tourist attraction.

Napsan Beach

A hotspring very accessible from the city proper, Napsan Beach, a white-sand retreat with huge bedrock and a picturesque sunset.

Three other charming beaches along the southwest coast are Tagkawayan Beach, Talaudyong Beach, and Simpocan Beach.

Palawan Ecological Adventure Trail

The first of its kind in Palawan, the Palawan Ecological Adventure Trail wherein the trail allows hikers to trek through pristine forests and mountains of Palawan, taking them to spectacular views of the island covering areas rarely visited by tourist.

Other destinations worth visiting aside from the 28km Palawan Ecological Adventure Trail, is dipping in the pools of Tagkuriring Waterfalls and Salakot Waterfalls.

Putol Reef in Puerto Princesa Bay

With a top of 9 meters dropping down to 30 meters, the Putol Reef, also known as Broken River, is susceptible to current and is therefore best suited to advanced divers. Often found grazing at the top are dugongs, but you will also see jack fish here.

Balon Pari

A non-typical destination different from the concept of paradise, Balon Pari, a quaint, miraculous hideaway tucked in the woods of Barangay Inagawan where travelers can spend some quiet time to pray and simply enjoy the nature, away from the noise of the city.

Kamuning Beach awaits nearby, while those up for an hour-long drive up north can sunbathe at Tagbarungis Beach - another gem that's yet to be discovered by avid lovers of the sea. 

Acacia Tree Tunnel

Those heading south can pass by the scenic Acacia Tree Canopy Tunnel, flanked by large acacia trees on both sides, which creates a canopy overhead, making it a cool, shaded break from Puerto Princesa's warm roadways.


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